Unabashedly we admit that we are a small organization based entirely upon voluntary work by some dedicated people. We are stymied in our ability to execute our ongoing work in an effective manner and serve the poorest of the poor and other needy people without compromising on the quality of service.

People in India are generous and ready to help but their ability is limited by a large number of demands placed upon their desire to help. Similarly, people in North America and Australia are generous and ready to help but their ability is constrained by huge demands from around the world placed upon their willingness to assist. As you know better than we would ever know, combining modest contributions from within India and North America will augment our ability to address total health care and education more adequately.

To state it in a forthright manner, the need for total health care and education is so great in the Greater Chikballapur Area (GCA) that we need to marshal resources from whatever source we can access. Please contribute, therefore, in any one or a combination of the following ways: In Cash, In-Kind or In- Service. You can make a difference for the better.




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