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The Ascent to Self-Reliance

Canadia was registered as a charitable organization under the legal name, Canadia Trust on 2007 January 27.

We have secured exemption status under Sections 80G(5)(vi). We are also registered under Section 12AA(1)(b)(i) as a charitable trust. Both under the Income Tax Act 1961.

Focus: Health and Education

  1. To provide Primary Health Care for preventing illness and promoting health, and

  2. To provide Holistic Health taking into account all aspects of people’s needs, physiological, psychological, and social.

  3. To provide Primary and Secondary (JK through 12 or KIHI) education to enable every student reach his or her potential, and

  4. To provide Multiple Skills Training (MUST) rooted in market demand.



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2005 December 8, Thursday, is a red letter day in the history of Canadia because it is our Foundation Day. On that day members of the not-for-profit organization based in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, called The XVIII Horse, met with a member of the not-for-profit organization based in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, called Project Kandwar. The two parties agreed to form a partnership to undertake philanthropic work in the Greater Chikballapur Area (GCA). In 2006 we partnered with a group of people in Kandavara/Chikballapur known locally as the Kandavara Task Force thus creating a local/national/global Tripartite Partnership.

The partnership is also rooted in a sound understanding of financial constraints. We want to execute our ongoing work in an effective manner and serve the poorest of the poor and other needy people without compromising on the quality of service. To state it in a forthright manner, the need for total health care and education is so great in the Greater Chikballapur Area (GCA) that we need to marshal resources from whatever source we can access.



The logo of Canadia embodies the set of five core values of the organization. The five pointed blood red figure is a stylized version of the red Canadian maple leaf. The single fiery golden flame inside the maple leaf is a stylized version of the Indian oil lamp flame.

The dual colours of Canadia are Blood Red and Fiery Gold. The symbolism is straightforward: sacrifice blood in the sacred fire of public service.  It is not crimson or any other red, just blood red.  It is not orange, saffron, or any other orange, just fiery gold. The supplementary Forest Green is to symbolize self-reliance evoked by the lone tree thriving amidst green ground cover.

The word Canadia is a composite word made by combining Canada and India. The charitable organization Canadia is a joint venture by volunteers in Ontario, Canada and Karnataka, India.


The following 5-C constitute our values. They are the five fires or panchagnis of our very being. They are both reflective and aspirational. Since the Foundation Day it is the adherence to these values that has sustained us all through the vicissitudes of voluntary work. Imperfect as we are, when we stray from our values we invite all interested people to bring us back to our beliefs. In the following paragraphs, each value has been elaborated to give fuller expression to latent ideas that undergird it.


It is in the matching of coincident needs and resources where creativity blossoms to its full potential in a resource constrained society - both human and material. There is no substitute to innovation in delivering services. We are willing to face challenges without preconceived notions about what will work and what will not except in well-established matters.

We accomplish this by fostering a vibrant intrapreneurial culture where each person enjoys job autonomy to carry out the required job through research, development, and demonstration suited to his or her interests. As we all know intrapreneurism is internal to the organization and thrives only when people involved realize in their bones that in this place failure is embraced as long as it is a stepping stone to the next try. For us failure is not possible. Our preoccupation with creativity has made us into an open organization for anyone who is able and willing to join and make a contribution to advance our vision.

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